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Myths Surround Us

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Did you hear? Elvis Presley is alive and sipping piña coladas in South America – he faked his own death and is still calling his fans every once and a while!

Myths come in many forms and can be on many topics, from the myth of the Loch Ness monster lovingly known as “Nessie” to Walt Disney being frozen until science can bring him back to life! Some stories become myths to explain what would be considered abnormal events. They offer an explanation when strange events can’t be justified, from politics to celebrities – myths surround society.

Technology myths stem from the idea that what is newly invented will have the power to shape a better future: electricity will allow people to be more productive, the television bringing families together etc. As a society we have a sense of forgetfulness towards the amazing and life changing capabilities of the light bulb because, like so many other brilliant innovations the shininess has wore off and it has faded into the woodwork of things that we view as an everyday staple of life.



Overdecorated & outstretching




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